Transaction Advisory
Distressed Debt Reorganization
In present business environment, under-performing companies and their management teams often require expert advise on how to effectively manage unwanted change and turn the business around. We provides restructuring advisory services to companies and its stakeholders that is lenders, investors, etc. in under performing companies and companies. We support companies in managing turn-around processes and in allocating capital and investment - evaluating your business plans objectively. We also help client in One Time settlements (OTS) and Financial Restructuring.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Our M&A Advisory team offers services for identifying target companies and joint venture partners to help forge strategic alliances, cultivate and conclude acquisition, divestment transactions through aggressive negotiation skills and result oriented approach.
  • Advise on the Valuation of the company.
  • Providing purchasers with greater certainty over the nature of the business and the characteristics of its cash flow.
  • Assessing the accuracy of Financial Statements of the Company.
  • Presenting the Offer in a structured manner to attract maximum value for the stakeholders.
  • To help the client in initiating and finalizing the terms of transaction and closing the Deal.
Business Valuation
A business valuation is the process of determining what your business is worth. Doing valuation is one part and convincing the other party is another part. Our valuation opinions are well-reasoned and thoroughly documented, providing critical support for any potential engagement.Our valuations help our clients in making informed investment and other business. Based on specific need of our client we help quantify and articulate value for transactions, investments, family settlements, taxation, litigation and strategic management purposes.
Due Diligence
Our team of experts will offer you the agility necessary to evaluate and close deals, while mitigating risk and identifying the potential for a healthy return on investment. We will address a range of financial, commercial, and operational issues as part of the duediligence process.